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Question of the month: Why does activated charcoal stop odors?
(Pub. Juni 2004)

Need to know more about growing specific varieties of marijuana? If you read English, check out, the biggest marijuana grow site on the Internet (75,000 registered members). Click on “Strain Guide” at the top of the page. You will see a list of 760 different strains (varieties) of marijuana from 64 breeders. There are 529 reports by growers who have actually grown specific strains. The growers have posted more than 4000 images to augment the report of the varieties they grew. The “Strain Guide” has been on the site about 6 months and it already has more than 11 million hits! This specific information about growing individual strains from different breeders will help you make seed purchases and tell you how to grow the varieties you currently have.

If you plan to order seeds via mail, check out Green Man’s My friend, Green Man, has been updating the site every week for more than 6 years. Cannabis Internauts send him information about seed companies. He compiles this information and rates seed companies service, seed quality and tells you if they are rip-offs or not. Excellent site!

Plant seeds and take clones today if you have not started them yet. Move seedlings and clones outside. It should be warm enough in most of Germany to plant outdoors now. If not, plant in an unheated cold frame or a heated greenhouse. In fact, many Spaniards wait until the first of June to set plants outdoors!

Hot weather starts in June, causing outdoor plants use much more water. My outdoor plants are using 2-4 liters a day now! Put your finger in the pot until the first knuckle. It will be dry if the plant needs water. Pour a liter of water in the pot. At least 20 percent of the water should come out the bottom. The water should drain out the bottom of the pot within a couple of minutes. Continue adding more water until water drains out the bottom.

Hot weather also tends to make soil form a crusty layer on top and it makes soil shrink away from the pot creating a gap. The same thing also happens indoors. Cultivate the soil surface to break up the crust and fill in the gap around the perimeter of the container. This will allow water to penetrate evenly and wet all of the soil. Otherwise, the crusty soil will deflect water and water will run out the gap or crack along the inside of the container, too.

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